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October 28, 2011

It’s a Matter of Respect

by thenattyurbanite

Dear Natty Urbanite:

I was in the cafeteria at work the other day and a co-worker, who I don’t know well, asked me to pay for his lunch as he forgot his wallet on his desk. Lunch came to $17.83 and he asked me to give him the debit receipt so that he knew how much to repay me. A few days later he repays me by handing me an envelope containing $15. Am I right to be bothered by his blatant slap in the face? RL

Dear R.L.:

Clearly you’re a baller and buddy recognizes that. Joking. This punk fella is the prime reason why No Scrubs was written and is sung with estrogen-laden gusto at karaoke bars globally. If he’s going to stiff you close to $3, especially after asking to hold on to the receipt and placing the repayment in an envelope [that I’m sure he stole from the company’s stationery closet], imagine the back rent that he owes his parents?

Listen, you were taught a very important and inexpensive lesson – that this guy is a cheapskate. You have a job and can afford to buy lunch so I know you ain’t hurting for the $3, but it’s the principle. And I’m all about principle. I bet this guy is a repeat offender; Nicole in Marketing buys him a Grande latte and he repays her with a Tall mild.Tsk tsk.

My general rule of thumb is this, whatever you owe someone, repay in full [Interac e-Transfer is amazing] and if the amount isn’t a whole number and you’re paying in cash, round up to the next currency denomination [ex. debt is $22 repay $25]. That simple. Now you know never to go out for drinks with this guy. By the way, why was his wallet on his desk?


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