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October 28, 2011

Aww You’ve Got the Sniffles

by thenattyurbanite


Nowadays calling in sick is easier than ever. Many workplaces still have the rule that if you wish to do so you have to get a manager on the phone. Others allow their employees to text, bbm, email or send a carrier pigeon to the boss saying that they are too ill to come in. Bosses [well most] won’t make you feel guilty about taking a sick day, but they do demand that when you call in sick that it’s done respectfully and with some regard for the business.

Here’s the way to effectively call in sick –

1 – Ensure your not just sick of your job. Just saying.

2 – Contact your boss or another manager before you’re supposed to be at work. The 9:05am call doesn’t help your case.

3 – Sound like you’re dying. No, seriously. Think about it, if you sound
yourself it’s just gonna raise some red flags.

4 – If you think that you need to cover your ass some proof [and from your working environment you will know if you do], head to a walk-in clinic and see a doc. The next morning take the note to HR.

That’s it. Don’t forget to drink lots of liquids, NyQuil counts, and catch up on Man vs Food.


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