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October 22, 2011

How to Order at Starbucks

by thenattyurbanite

I’m clearly not the average Starbucks customer because, the most complicated I’ll ever get with my order is by asking for no foam. Ok maybe I’m lying. However, there seems to be an art to ordering a fancy coffee drink beverage at Starbucks. So I asked the barista on duty and he simplified it for me. Below are his tips. Number one is mine.

1 – Get off your cellphone [I’m sorry but your bbm can wait] and properly greet the person at the till.

2 – State the size of the beverage.

3 – State the type of milk that you would like.

4 – State your specifications for temperature, sweetness or foam/whip.

5 – State the kind of drink.

That’s it! Here’s an example:

Gentleman: Morning, how’s it going?

Surprised Cashier: Ahh, great thanks and you?

Gentleman: Super, thanks for asking.

Surprised Cashier: What would you like today?

Gentleman: I’ll have a Grande, non-fat, four pump hazelnut, no foam, extra hot, Americano Misto please.

If you’d like to thank me for making your life easier, buy me the drink I used in the example. It’s what I normally order.


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