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September 14, 2011

Does the Chablis Come With a Straw?

by thenattyurbanite

Dear Natty Urbanite:

I finally decided to invite a  fellow, who I’ve been on a few dates with, over to my place on the weekend. He showed up with a box of wine and I asked him to leave. Was I wrong? WGM

Dear WGM:

I have a ‘funny’ boxed wine story. I once went to my ex’s house for Thanksgiving and the family bought me a box of wine and a President’s Choice frozen shrimp ring because they knew that a “fancy pants” was coming to dinner. Oh you didn’t laugh? Well neither did I, especially because I was wearing pants from the Gap.

Let me put it this way, boxed wine is good for three things – binge drinking by broke university students; making mulled wine; and weekend tie-dye projects. I wouldn’t have had the balls gumption to ask him to leave and even though a tad harsh, a box of wine as a gift is indeed in poor taste. So put your feet up on your imported ottoman [I’m sure you have one of those], pour yourself a glass of Veuve Clicquot and start making flyers to stop the boxed wine movement. Oh and in case you want the boxed wine T-shirt, head over to Red Bubble.


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