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August 22, 2011


Is Twenty-Eight the New Seventy?

by thenattyurbanite

Clearly when I celebrated my last birthday I turned into a curmudgeon. I demand expect a lot from people – friends, co-workers, the cute Filipino Starbucks barista, my doctor who has the bedside manner of a dead pineapple – everyone. So pardon me while I vent on this ‘trend’ that I’ve been seeing at house parties. Serving chips, from a bag!

I’m sorry, but if I make the effort to click “attend” on Facebook, trek to the LCBO [for my readers outside of Ontario, that’s the liquor store; I guess I could have simply said, “liquor store”?] and purchase a hostess gift, the least I expect is to be served snacks from a bowl. I really don’t care that you were too busy cleaning to actually make something, but come on! Having your guests rummage through an assortment of chips on your kitchen counter is, in a word, crass. Did I just get transported to a dorm room in the developing world? No, I’m in your Scavolini kitchen watching as Chet wipes salt and vinegar on his jeans because you failed to provide napkins as well. Escandaloso! Oh and wipe that pained look off your face whenever a guest asks for some ice.

Throwing a get-together isn’t that hard. My awesome friend Jessica is the doyenne of casual entertaining. She prettily arranges cheeses [and not the marble kind, I mean the kind of cheese that comes with a dictionary], lays out at least three kinds of salty crunchy things and at some moment during the evening she’ll pull out a well-decorated home-made cake. Yes, she’ll bake a cake. From scratch. Her effort both impresses and touches her group of friends and for this [and other reasons] she’s respected and adored.

So the next time you have people over, I’m not asking you to pull a Jessica, but just put the chips in a flipping bowl. Even if it’s plastic.

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  1. @stefantoronto
    Aug 23 2011

    2 snaps!

  2. Aug 23 2011

    Amen! Well said my friend


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