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August 16, 2011

Excuse Me, Did They Run Out of Fabric?

by thenattyurbanite

You work out. We get it. But that’s no reason to assault the rest of the supermarket/nightclub/coffee shop with your “winking pectoral muscles”*. I appreciate a well-defined frame as much as the next person [looks in mirror and sighs], but I don’t need to see your areola while I’m trying to decide between Organic Raw Blue Agave Nectar and No. 2 Amber maple syrup.

I’m referring to men who wear plunging V-neck tee shirts; tank tops with the arms cut ridiculously low; or V-tanks [the illogical marriage of both aforementioned items] in a size that can only be described as smedium.

Now there are only a few reasons why a man should wear any of these in public:

1 – He’s working out [in a gym].

2 – He’s doing yard work.

3 – He has a part-time job as a goblin.

4 – He’s on a beach.

5 – It’s Halloween.

That’s it.

I’m all for being on-trend, however, exaggerated fashion is suitable for the catwalk not the sidewalk. Men should make an effort in their casual dressing – have a complete look that’s tied together with proper footwear and an accessory [maybe a hat]. Aim to look polished, not like you’re auditioning to be an extra in Jersey Shore 3D [you know it’s just a matter of time before that becomes a reality].

*Term credited to Meghan Butler.


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